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7/29/99 Update: We haven't forgotten about these pages, but we've moved them to make room for our amazing new game, How Much for the Camel? Our Torg stuff will get looked over later and cleaned up to fit in with the new layout.

Omni Gaming Products has returned its license for the Torg Role-Playing Game to West End Games. Please read this press release for our reasons, as well as information on INFINIVERSE subscriber refunds.

FLASH! Find out where the High Lords are now, courtesy of Miami Herald writer Barry Davis!

Our first and only Torg product is the new and improved INFINIVERSE Magazine.
Of course, we carry West End's Torg items as well, so take a look at what we currently have in stock.
If you've decided on a purchase you will want to see our ordering instructions.
A database of OGP's infamous Top Ten Lists is online.
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